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Best place for all your gun needs

Paul Watts

This is an amazing store owned by amazing people. The owner has decades of real experience with firearms....so knowledgeable and friendly. Go and see this store. You'll be glad you did.

Karen Efurd

Coolest gun shop I've ever been to! Owner knows his stuff and will make sure you have the right firearm for any application. Honest, personable, and my new go-to for guns, knives, and ammo!

Erik Janke

Knowledgeable and courteous people. Great environment and I plan to return

Brad Greenwell

Quality shop. If they don't have it, they can get it and a better deal then you'll find at a lot of big box stores. Will they beat a private sale with your best friend? No. But worth a look for sure. You can really tell PBGW wants the best for you. They won't upsell or talk you into something not worth the money. Wish more businesses would do the same.

Garett Smith