Solve Your Gun Troubles With Ease

Offering gun repair services in Whitehouse, TX

Just like with anything else you buy, you might encounter problems with your gun at some point. When this happens, turn to Point Blank Gun Works and Outfitters. Located in Whitehouse, TX, we offer gun repair and modification services throughout East Texas. We'll advise you on what to do if we cannot provide gun repair services or if the repair cost is more than the gun's value.

What can we do for your guns?

Repairing and modifying firearms on your own can be dangerous. That's why you need to let us handle the job. We have the skills and equipment needed to:

  • Clean guns
  • Perform cold bluing
  • Repair broken guns
  • Fix faulty gun stocks
  • Provide coating services
  • Mount gun scopes and sights
  • Locate hard to find and missing pieces

We also have the proper licensing to handle suppressors. Call us today to schedule a time for us to mount your gun scope or repair your gun.